Power Cord LOCKING(15 foot) Fits SR/ DynaRad and Equine Heads

Avoid power cord loose connections to your machine!

Loose connections can cause error codes and damage internal electronic components.

This LOCKING cord is MEDICAL GRADE and heavy duty wire size.


< Power Cord Locking to machine C-19 connector



Loose power cord connections can cause many problems with the x-ray machine performance and error faults! < Socket Burn from loose connection.

This new power cord locks on the C19 socket > DynaRad or SourceRay 130 machines.

Will not pull off when coiling up or traveling. 

<slide back red tabs to release power cord end from unit.

Cord Length 15 Feet with Medical Grade Plug. Fit C-19 Connectors

*All our after market inRayParts are built in Missouri USA to repair or replace defective components on sourceray or other portable x-ray machines without reducing original performance standards. inRayParts made by us can save you hundreds of dollars over the Original Equipment Factory Parts.  Our sales engineers can help you with any technical part questions you have. 417-597-4702

  • Power Cords X-Ray Machines: 7
Locking Power cord 27261-C19
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  • Item #: 15 Lock Power Cord #27261
  • Manufacturer: inRayParts LLC
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Lock Power Cord C-19
  • Condition: New
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