Fast Portable X-Ray Repairs, flat labor price plus parts cost.

 Portable X-Ray Repair Services on Sterne, sourceray , RadPro, Soyee, DynaRad, We stock new and used parts for fast economical repairs. Our cost to repair is: $575.00 Labor Total... Plus all parts cost. After diagnosing the problem we call you with a complete repair price including shipping and handling cost back to you. Then we proceed to repair or return your unit. All work guaranteed for 60 days. Call: 417-597-4702 Talk to a certified X-Ray service engineer. DotMed Certified and DotMed Gold Parts Vendor Certified with a 5 Star Rating.


Now repairing x-ray tube heads leaking oil, No X-Ray, Error code problems, Physical Damage.

Contact for repair cost @ 417-597-4702


   inRayParts is not a factory authorized repair shop by the company tubeheads we repair in our shops. We maintain a standard to repair machines...not try to sell you a new one.


Fast Portable X-Ray Parts and Service
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  • Item #: Portable X-Ray Repair Service
  • Condition: Refurbished
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Price $575.00

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