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    16 inch wheel with foam insert installed in tire Padded DR Plate and Laptop Carry Case Laptop Tuff Case Batt-A-Ray for Portables Tube head safety strap
    16" Wheel and Tire with Foam Insert Installed - No More Flats!Padded DR Plate and Laptop Carry CaseLaptop TUFF CASE Transporter and Stand Holder.Safety Strap for holding portable x-ray tube heads.






    501142 DynaRad PC Board Composite DR Plate Holder Tube Arm Mounting Wireless DR Viztek Vizon imaging system 14x17 DynaRad HF-110 Service Manual
    501142 HF-110 DynaRad Control PC BoardDR PLATE HOLDER (TUBE ARM MOUNTING) Two TypesDR Wireless 14x17 X-Ray Direct Digital Imaging SystemDynaRad HF-110 Service Manual PDF Download







    DynaRad Phantom PDF Service Manual SourceRay,MinXray, DynaRad, Laptop Mounting Bracket Laptop Hold Down Straps Non-Grid DR Panel Protector
    DynaRad PHANTOM service manual PDF downloadLaptop Mounting Plate/Bracket sourceray,MinXray,DynaRad 2 sizesLaptop Rubber Stretched Hold Down StrapsProtective Cover for DR Panel Wireless (NO GRID TYPE)





    Wheel Pair 16 inch Foam Core Heavy Duty 500986 DynaRad Gas Springs, Locking and non Locking HF-110 and PHANTOM DynaRad Phantom refurbished by Minxrad.com
    16" Wheel Pair Hard Foam Rubber,small tread design. With Axles Power Supply PC Board Phantom Assy. 500986DynaRad Gas Springs for HF-110 and Phantom modelsDynaRad Phantom Refurbished







    DYNARAD HF-110 HANDLE RELEASE TUBE ARM Send in your cables for refurbishing! DynaRad Interconnect Cables (New). Dynarad HF-110 exposure hand switch 501012
    HANDLE RELEASE HF-110 DYNARAD 102036Interconnect Cables DYNARAD YOURS REPAIREDInterconnect Cable NEW- DynaRad all modelsDynaRad #DNR X-Ray Hand Switch for model HF-110A 501012





    SR/DYN EXPOSURE HAND SWITCH DYNARAD PHANTOM EXPOSURE HAND SWITCH D/S This is the Best Price Hand Switch DynaRad Phantom Brake and Source-ray wheel brake. Toggle Brake SourceRay and DynaRad HF110 AXLE FOR SOURCE-RAY AND DYNARAD STANDS
    #D/S sourceray & Phantom Exposure Switch SAVE NOW SALE PRICED$$ Wheel Brake sourceray/DynaRad PhantomWheel Brake DynaRad HF-110Axle Wheel for sourceray and DynaRad Stands








    Foam Filled Solid Wheels NO FLAT 12 inch only. Tube Head Pad Cushion Rest Laptop Hold Down Strap VELCRO Laptop Mounting Brackets
    12 INCH FOAM FILLED SOFT CUSHION WHEEL (12 INCH ONLY) Pad Head Rest Two Sizes for all Tube Heads Portable X-RayLaptop Hold Down Strap VELCROLaptop Mounting Brackets







    Collimare Collimators Exchanged Cord Reels SOURCE RAY/DYNARAD Protective Grid and Panel for Samsung DR Mobile X-Ray Systems Swivel 3 inch caster dual wheel
    Collimare Collimator Refurbished units All Types.Cord Reel Stainless SteelGrid and Protective Cover for DR Panel WIRELESS PDR14 Caster for all sourceray & DynaRad Stands.Dual 3 Inch Front








    DynaRad Collimax Collimator Lamps Angle Indicator Gage for X-Ray Collimators DynaRad Replacement Power Packages X-Ray Collimator lamp holder sockets
    Lamp For Collimax CollimatorsAngle Indicator Scale DynaRad Control and Tube Head HF-110 or Phantom Replacement Lamp Holder Socket Collimax and others





    X-Ray Hand Switch Repair X-Ray Tube Head Monoblock Repairs New tires and inner tubes 16 and 12 inch. 360581 Phantom collimator lamp transformer
    Hand Switch RepairsOil Leaking Tube Head RepairsNew 16 inch and 12 inch tires and inner tubesPhantom Collimator 24 volt Transformer





    #RS 540 Collimator Aiming Window Dust Cover Collimax Collimator Parts DYNARAD/SOURCERAY LEG LOCKING PIN DynaRad and sourceray Leg Hinge Folding
    Ralco Aiming Window Plastic RS 540Collimax Window Cross Hair LensDYNARAD/ sourceray LEG PIN LOCK ASSEMBLYHinge Leg Folding for DynaRad and sourceray Stands






    Folding Front Leg Latching Strap Kit Circuit Breaker DynaRad HF-110 Dynarad Phantom On-Off circuit breaker switch #378090 power cord for DynaRad Phantom
    Folding Front Leg Latching Strap KitDynaRad HF-110 ON-OFF Circuit BreakerDynarad Phantom ON-OFF breaker switchPhantom Power Cord 20 FT Medical Grade





    Power cord for Sterne, SourceRay 115 and DynaRad Phantom X-Ray Portables POWER CORDS SourceRay and DynaRad #560003 Locking Medical Grade Power Cord 27173 Locking Power cord 27261-C19
    Power Cord for Phantom/SR-115 portables. NMG 15 Ft.Power Cord for sourceray SR-130 and DynaRad HF-110Power Cord LOCKING DynaRad Phantom & Sterne Power Cord LOCKING Fit SR-130 & 1260/ DynaRad HF-110






    IEC POWER CONNECTOR DynaRad/SourceRay inlet power connector Cable Assembly Release for DynaRad Phantom tube arm. Bracket Gas Spring Actuator Assembly
    Power IEC connector, for power cord connecting to machine Power inlet connector C19 IEC sourceray & DynaRadCable Assembly Release for DynaRad Phantom tube arm.Bracket Gas Spring Actuator





    Porta-ray X-Ray Exposure Hand Switch SR-115, DynaRad Phantom, and Minxray XGS Stand Wheels Wheels for portable x-ray stands Collimator distance measure tape for X-Ray beam collimators universal mounting. Outside or inside collimator.
    Porta-Ray Exposure Hand SwitchNew 12 inch air filled wheel Black16 inch AIR FILLED wheels for DynaRad & source-rayDistance measure tape for collimators SID





    Phantom operators control mounting studs, set of four. Collimator Lamps $14.00 each. Two lamp Min. order. Click on collimator selet to select correct lamp. Ralco collimator knobs black or grey white color Ralco Collimator SID Tape Two Types
    Phantom operators control mounting studs, set of four.Basic Collimator Lamps all types $16.00 each.Ralco Collimator KnobRalco Distance Tape for collimators TWO TYPES





    Ralco collimator covers RS-536 Collimator Power Cables with connectors attached. RALCO RO 198-RAL9002 SKIN GUARD X-RAY COLLIMATOR Ralco Collimator Mounting Ring
    Ralco Replacement collimator coverCOLLIMATOR POWER CABLES, Collimare, Ralco, Collimax w/conn.Ralco Collimator Skin Guard for RA-72 Ralco Swivel Mounting Ring RA-72 Collimators






    COLLIMAX COLLIMATOR SKIN GUARDS DynaRad Collimax Lamp Timer PC Board Assembly Collimax collimators parts and repairs FM-338/CG-338 Lamp Timer PC Board 12 and 24 Volt.
    Collimax Collimator Part, Skin Guard, One PairDynaRad Collimax Lamp Timer PC Board AssemblyCollimax Collimators Refurbished All TypesRalco Lamp Timer PCB 12V and 24V






    X-Ray Collimator Replacement Shutter Knobs Re-Conditioned Control Panel HF-110A DynaRad HF-110 repaired tube head exchange Two position Exposure Foot Switch for veterinary use. 15 foot cord included.
    Replacement Collimator KnobsRe-Conditioned Control Panel HF-110ADynaRad HF-110 repaired tube head exchangeTwo position X-Ray Foot Switch. (VET)





    Fuses for x-ray machines sell your non working portable x-ray machine to us Paint Kit for SR or DynaRad Stands Fast Portable X-Ray Parts and Service
    Fuses for X-Ray PortablesWE PURCHASE NON-WORKING MACHINES!! ONLY NON WORKING!Paint Kit for SR or DynaRad StandsFast Portable X-Ray Repairs, flat labor price plus parts cost.






    Contact inRayParts.com 417-597-4702
    Contact inRayParts.com 417-597-4702



    *All our after market inRayParts are built in Missouri USA to repair or replace defective components on DynaRad portable x-ray machines without reducing original performance standards. inRayParts made by us can save you hundreds of dollars over the Original Equipment Factory Parts.  Our sales engineers can help you with any technical part questions you have. 417-597-4702