Collimare Collimator Knob,with or without pointers Select Option

Our all new heavy duty replacement Aluminum Collimator Knobs .

Replaces all grey plastic knobs.

Complete Collimare Collimator Knob with pointer assembly. $70.00 each>

Collimator knob only.> with set scew two places makes knobs interchangeable Right or Left.

Pointer only > with set screw. Fits old and new Aluminum Knob.

  • X-Ray Collimator Parts: 5
Collimare Knobs and Pointers
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  • Item #: Collimare Knob, OR Pointers only
  • Manufacturer: inRayParts LLC
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CP-11-0060-G
  • Condition: New
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Price $75.00
Sale Price $70.50
Availability In-Stock
# Available 9

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