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Many Sterne Parts are obsolete and Factory in Canada is not responding to phone calls.
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Sterne Exposure Hand Switch with coil cord. Composite DR Plate Holder Tube Arm Mounting Laptop Hold Down Straps X-Ray Tube Head Monoblock Repairs
#STN New Sterne Hand Switch.DR PLATE HOLDER (TUBE ARM MOUNTING) Two TypesLaptop Rubber Stretched Hold Down StrapsOil Leaking Tube Head Repairs






STERNE DATAPLEX COLLIMATORS Locking Medical Grade Power Cord 27173 Two position Exposure Foot Switch for veterinary use. 15 foot cord included. Tube head safety strap
STERNE DATAPLEX REFURBISHED COLLIMATORS EXCHANGEPower Cord LOCKING DynaRad Phantom & SterneTwo position X-Ray Foot Switch. (VET)Safety Strap for holding portable x-ray tube heads.





Cord Reels SOURCE RAY/DYNARAD Protective Grid and Panel for Samsung DR Mobile X-Ray Systems Non-Grid DR Panel Protector Angle Indicator Gage for X-Ray Collimators
Cord Reel Stainless SteelGrid and Protective Cover for DR Panel WIRELESS PDR14Protective Cover for DR Panel Wireless (NO GRID TYPE)Angle Indicator Scale






Collimare Collimators Exchanged COLLIMARE BOTTOM COVER ASSEMBLY LEAD LINED COLLIMARE TOP COVER Collimare Collimator Output Lexan Window
Collimare Collimator Refurbished units All Types.Collimare Bottom CoverCollimare case top coverCollimare output window







X-Ray Collimator lamp holder sockets WE PURCHASE NON-WORKING MACHINES!! X-Ray Hand Switch Repair Gas Spring Sterne Stand
Collimator Ceramic Lamp HolderWE PURCHASE NON-WORKING MACHINES!!Hand Switch RepairsGas Springs for Sterne Stands





Ball type end fitting Ball joint for Sterne Gas Spring Ball Stud Bolt for Sterne Gas Spring Collimax Collimator Parts
Sterne Gas Spring Ball type end fitting.Ball joint for Sterne Gas SpringSterne Gas Spring Ball Stud BoltCollimax Window Cross Hair Lens





#STNV Sterne Veterinary Equine Hand Switch Sterne Skin Guard, Tube Mounting Type Collimare Power wiring harness Sterne DataPlex & Collimare Power cables
#STNV Sterne Veterinary Equine Hand SwitchSterne Skin Guard, Tube Mounting TypeCollimator Power cable harness DIRECT WIREDSterne DataPlex & Collimare Power cables





Sterne ACU-RAY HF Power Cord IEC Connector NMG Power cord medical grade 20 Ft. Sterne Medical Power Cords Round End Connector 150 watt 24 volt collimator lamp for DataPlex Collimator
Sterne ACU-RAY HF Power Cord IEC Connector NMGPower Cord MEDICAL GRADE 20 foot Long(14AWG Wire).Sterne Power Cord Round End Connector150 watt 24 volt collimator lamp for DataPlex Collimator





Collimator Lamps $14.00 each. Two lamp Min. order. Click on collimator selet to select correct lamp. Collimator distance measure tape for X-Ray beam collimators universal mounting. Outside or inside collimator. Led lamp COLLIMARE X-RAY BEAM COLLIMATORS Skin Guard Collimare Heavy Duty one piece design.
Basic Collimator Lamps all $16.00 each.Distance measure tape for collimatorsNew LED Collimare CollimatorsSkin Guard Collimare Heavy Duty one piece design.






Collimare Knobs and Pointers Collimare Lamp Timer PC Board Sterne DataPlex Collimator Aiming window X-Ray Collimator Replacement Shutter Knobs
Collimare Collimator Knob,with or without pointers Select OptionCollimare Lamp Timer PC BoardSterne DataPlex Collimator Aiming windowReplacement Collimator Knobs






Dataplex Collimator Knob Round Collimator Lamp Socket Collimax collimators parts and repairs IEC POWER CONNECTOR
Dataplex Collimator KnobLAMP SOCKET ROUND FOR COLLIMATORS, Collimare and DataplexCollimax Collimators Refurbished All TypesPower IEC connector, for power cord connecting to machine






STERNE X-RAY FRONT CASTERS STERNE 2 1/2 rear stand caster wheel Sterne replacement caster, Front 3 inch. Sterne X-Ray Stand air filled wheels
NEW STERNE STAND FRONT & REAR CASTERSSTERNE 2 1/2 rear stand caster wheelSterne 3 inch front caster cartSterne Stand 10 inch Air Filled Tire with Mag. Rim.





Sterne exposure switch printed circuit board#STNPCB Sterne X-Ray Portable Repairs (FLAT LABOR RATE) Sterne Acu-Ray XGS Stand Portable X-Ray Unit Fast Portable X-Ray Parts and Service
Sterne exposure switch printed circuit board#STNPCBSterne X-Ray Portable Repairs (FLAT LABOR RATE)Sterne Acu-Ray XGS Stand Portable X-Ray UnitFast Portable X-Ray Repairs, flat labor price plus parts cost.





Fuses for x-ray machines Handle Grips Laptop Hold Down Strap VELCRO Contact 417-597-4702
Fuses for X-Ray PortablesHand Grip SR-115 Round BlackLaptop Hold Down Strap VELCROContact 417-597-4702