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Composite DR Plate Holder Tube Arm Mounting Laptop Hold Down Straps Laptop Hold Down Strap VELCRO DR C-CHANNEL for HOLDING DR PLATES TO MOBILE STANDS
DR PLATE HOLDER (TUBE ARM MOUNTING) Two TypesLaptop Rubber Stretched Hold Down StrapsLaptop Hold Down Strap VELCRODR PLATE C-Channel Welded Alum. Frame Holder for DR Panels






Non-Grid DR Panel Protector Protective Grid and Panel for Samsung DR Mobile X-Ray Systems Mobile XGS Stands Folding Laptop Mounting assembly for Minxray x-ray stands
Protective Cover for DR Panel Wireless (NO GRID TYPE)Grid and Protective Cover for DR Panel WIRELESS PDR14Re-Furbished XGS Stands with 16 or 10 inch wheelsFolding Laptop Mounting Brackets for XGS Stands







X-Ray Tube Head Monoblock Repairs Compatible Hand switches direct replacement Minxray Gas Spring Lower Gas Spring 300N for XGS Stands
Oil Leaking Tube Head Repairs#MXR-HS2 Compatible Replacement MinXray/Mikasa Exposure SwitchUpper gas spring 700N for XGS StandsLower Gas Spring 300N for XGS Stands






X-Ray Hand Switch Repair Tube head safety strap Angle Indicator Gage for X-Ray Collimators Tube Head Pad Cushion Rest
Hand Switch RepairsSafety Strap for holding portable x-ray tube heads.Angle Indicator Scale Pad Head Rest Two Sizes for all Tube Heads Portable X-Ray






XGS Stand Wheels Replacement 10 inch XGS Stand wheels for MinXray Stands. New tires and inner tubes 16 and 12 inch. Collimare Power wiring harness
16 inch air filled wheel, direct replacement for XGS Stands.Ten (10) inch wheel replacement 1/2 axle (comes with hub cap).New 16 inch and 12 inch tires and inner tubesCollimator Power cable harness DIRECT WIRED





Skin Guard Collimare Heavy Duty one piece design. Heavy Duty Single Stage Hand Switch. Dental and Portable X-Ray Machines. X-Ray Exposure Foot Switch Compatible Many Models Collimator Lamps $14.00 each. Two lamp Min. order. Click on collimator selet to select correct lamp.
Skin Guard Collimare Heavy Duty one piece design.Dental Single Button X-Ray Hand Switch and connectors #1-CD3MMinXRay Compatable X-Ray Exposure Foot Switch with coil cord.Basic Collimator Lamps all $16.00 each.






Minxray special collimator lamps Lamp for MinXray 8015 collimators 12V 40 W Power cord medical grade 20 Ft. Power cord for Sterne, SourceRay 115 and DynaRad Phantom X-Ray Portables
Special collimator lamp for Collimax CollimatorsLamp for Collimax Collimator 12V 40WPower Cord MEDICAL GRADE 20 foot Long(14AWG Wire).Power Cord for Phantom/SR-115 portables. NMG 15 Ft.





X-Ray Collimator lamp holder sockets Collimator distance measure tape for X-Ray beam collimators universal mounting. Outside or inside collimator. Collimax Collimator Parts Collimare Knobs and Pointers
Collimator Ceramic Lamp HolderDistance measure tape for collimatorsCollimax Window Cross Hair LensCollimare Collimator Knob,with or without pointers Select Option






COLLIMARE TOP COVER COLLIMARE BOTTOM COVER ASSEMBLY LEAD LINED Collimare Lamp Timer PC Board Collimare Collimator Output Lexan Window
Collimare case top coverCollimare Bottom CoverCollimare Lamp Timer PC BoardCollimare output window






Led lamp COLLIMARE X-RAY BEAM COLLIMATORS Collimare Collimators Exchanged Ralco collimator knobs black or grey white color #RS 540 Collimator Aiming Window Dust Cover
New LED Collimare CollimatorsCollimare Collimator Refurbished units All Types.Ralco Collimator KnobRalco Aiming Window Plastic RS 540






FM-338/CG-338 Lamp Timer PC Board 12 and 24 Volt. Ralco collimator covers RS-536 RALCO COVER RS 630 RALCO RO 198-RAL9002 SKIN GUARD X-RAY COLLIMATOR
Ralco Lamp Timer PCB 12V and 24VRalco Replacement collimator coverRalco RA-72 Collimator Upper Cover Plastic PlateRalco Collimator Skin Guard for RA-72





Ralco Collimator Mounting Ring COLLIMAX COLLIMATOR SKIN GUARDS Lamp for Avantech collimators Collimax collimators parts and repairs
Ralco Swivel Mounting Ring RA-72 CollimatorsCollimax Collimator Part, Skin Guard, One PairLamp for Advantech CollimatorsCollimax Collimators Refurbished All Types






X-Ray Collimator Replacement Shutter Knobs Minxray tube head holding screws Purchase complete assembly or individual parts Leg Clip XGS Stand
Replacement Collimator KnobsHead Holding screws 1 pair Head Holding Hardware KitLeg Clip XGS Stand





Power IEC connector, for power cord connecting to machinePOWER CORDS (older minxray machines).TWO TYPESAdvantech Collimator PartsCord Reel Stainless Steel





Fuses for x-ray machines Laptop Mounting Brackets Two position Exposure Foot Switch for veterinary use. 15 foot cord included. WE PURCHASE NON-WORKING MACHINES!!
Fuses for X-Ray PortablesLaptop Mounting BracketsTwo position X-Ray Foot Switch. (VET)WE PURCHASE NON-WORKING MACHINES!!





Fast Portable X-Ray Parts and Service Repairing MinXray Side head holding pivots.
Fast Portable X-Ray Repairs, flat labor price plus parts cost.Repairing MinXray Side head holding pivots.